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Stephen K. Lehnardt


Stephen entered private legal practice more than 20 years ago and formed Lehnardt & Lehnardt, LLC with his father (since retired), a World War II Refugee who immigrated to the United States in 1955 and later served in the Army during Vietnam War Veteran, achieving the rank of Captain during his service. One of Stephen’s brothers served in the Army during the Gulf War. Stephen, forever grateful to our military men and women, formed The Veteran’s Law Firm, LLC as a subsidiary of Lehnardt & Lehnardt, LLC to provide full services for the unique legal needs of our nation’s veterans. In addition to Veterans, Stephen helps seniors, families with special needs, farmers and businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs, heirs and beneficiaries. Clients are from all walks of life and business and located around the nation and world with matters ranging from simple to the most complex—asset and tax protection strategies, business and estate succession planning, income and gift tax planning, senior and elder law planning, and more. No matter the subject, Stephen is able to see the complexities that challenge even the simplest goals and identify the most efficient solution. Stephen is VA Accredited Attorney with a Masters of Tax Law degree in Taxation. Stephen obtained his JD and LL.M. Taxation degrees from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. Stephen is an active member of the Missouri Bar Association; the Kansas Bar Association; a founding member of WealthCounsel; ElderCounsel; the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys; a co-founder of The Midwest Estate and Financial Planning Institute; the J. Reuben Clark Law Society; and the National College of Probate Judges. Stephen has previously served on the Board of Directors for the National Advisors Trust Company, FSB.

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We are a national law firm of VA Accredited Attorneys with a passion for helping veterans and their families receive VA Pension benefits. In addition to VA Pension and other VA benefits, we can help with estate and asset planning, Medicaid planning, and most other types of planning that impact our clients and families and their assets. For a full list of services offered, see our sister firm’s site.

Our Accreditation

VA Accreditation is essential. Our attorneys are fully accredited by the Veterans Administration to assist veterans in the preparation, presentation and prosecution of disability benefit claims. Accreditation is required under Federal statutes and regulations in order to “ensure that claimants for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits have responsible, qualified representation in the preparation, presentation and prosecution of benefit claims.” [38 CFR 14.626 and 73 FR 29870, May 22, 2008].

Your Financial Protection, Our Mission

All of our clients earned what they have through hard work, sacrifice and perseverance. Today’s average monthly cost for assisted living is more than $4,000 per month. This is simply too expensive for many War Veterans and their Surviving Spouses because their Social Security Incomes and Pensions do not provide enough monthly income. As a result these Honorable War Veterans and their Surviving Spouses quickly find themselves in financial need. Their children are sometimes forced to spend their resources to help with the cost. With little money, care options become extremely limited. With VA Pension Benefits, the majority of our clients see their monthly income doubled and find flexibility for their care options and reduce the expense and burden for their family. It is estimated that there are more than 15 million War Veterans and Surviving Spouses who may be eligible for Veteran Pension Benefits from the U.S. Government. Less than 3% receive these benefits. Why? Most eligible War Veterans and their families have absolutely no idea that these benefits exist. The Pension can be used to help pay for long term care needs. War Veterans and Surviving Spouses who receive the Veteran Pension Benefit are able to protect themselves, preserve their assets, and control their financial future.

Our Clients



“Steven (sic) Lehnardt was very professional and did an excellent job of explaining the process of setting up a trust. We particularly appreciated the fact that he used layman’s terms rather than “legal-ese.” If we need this type of representation, we would use this law firm.”



“The Firm recognized and appropriately assisted where it could in my long-distance challenges. They were able to overnight the trust documentation to me so that I could complete locally the property deed recording before I returned home. Instructions were very helpful!!”



“We appreciate your work on our father’s VA benefits case. Because of your diligent work, he is receiving better care and is more financially stable. You have helped free our family of worry and heartache. Thank you again for your involvement.”



“Thank you for giving us the confidence that we need to proceed with our application to VA. Knowing that my mother qualifies for these benefits (sic) has take a great load off my mind.”